Called the Battlefrog race, it is an extreme challenge, designed for adults. This is Milla Star Bizzotto, and she's only 9-years-old, but she's probably fitter than you.

Designed by a Navy Seal, it consists of a 5-mile run with 25 obstacles and a swimming portion that is 30 miles long.

Milla completed the race, and is the only person under 18 to do so.

She completed the race with the help of her father. Organizers allowed her to participate so long as her dad stayed by her side.

To prepare for the race, she trained five days a week, three hours a day for months.

Check out the video of her training.

She has a GoFundMe page to help her cover the cost of her equipment and training. This is her statement:

My name is Milla Star Bizzotto, I’m 9 years old.
I don’t spend all day playing videogames.
I have a mission.
I obstacle course race with a purpose.
I want to inspire a generation. #InspirationForTheIPadGeneration
I want to inspire kids to eat healthy and get outside and play.
I want kids to stand up to bullies.
I was bullied at school, kids get bullied all the time.
I no longer get bullied, now #IAmTheAntiBully!
We are all made in different shapes and sizes, we need to love our bodies! #LoveYourBody.

Damn kids these days. Not only are they building stuff to save the world, they are damn inspiring too.