The weekend is here. And you want some retail therapy. But believe it or not, shopping is actually hard work. And shopping at H&M, may be even harder work. It's a painful experience you sadistically love. You want everything and nothing at the same time. You know this, and yet you go back again and again, with the hope that you'll at least get something you can be proud of.

1. I didn't find anything nice last week. Maybe this week will be different.

Please, please, please, please!

2. Where do I start?

I need a strategy.

3. Oh..I didn't see this skirt last week.

Gots to have it!!!!

4. I probably won't buy much.

I'm going to buy everything.

5. Sale!


6. If I try it again this week, it’ll look good on me for sure.

If it’s good on the model, it’ll be good on me!!

7. No size...

Why is this me?

8. So much to see, so little time..

Somehow, everything looks good but you just can't find them!

9. What is the likelihood of bumping into someone with the same dress?

Just how many people have this dress already?

10. I'll have one in every color.

Basics. Gotta love basics.

11. Should have really just shopped online.

Minus crowds. Minus time-spent-on finding parking. Minus the deliberation. Why didn’t I do this? 

This could have been me.

12. Do I really want this?

The answer is probably leaning to yes..

13. Why do I have so many options. I hate my life.

There's just too much to look at.

14. I'm sure I can find at least something today.


Because there’s absolutely nothing in my wardrobe now.

15. Why can't I find anything I want?

And that's the problem…

16. Pay first, try later, no time.

Sometimes, you gotta take the plunge.

17. My feet hurt.

Would I prefer doing this? Probably not..

18. I'm bored and dazed. Too many clothes.

Stating the obvious?

19. Why do I insist on coming here every week?

Because of the ads, that's why!

20. David Beckham undies or regular undies? Decisions!!

The price difference is huge.

21. Bet I can look as good as Bey too.

Okay, so probably not.. Time to put it back on the rack.

22. So cheap, but wait!


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Oh, and good luck shopping…unless it’s…

23. Guess I’ll come back again next week...

This is your life, every other week, without fail!