If you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything. Even come out of something that may be stopping you from reaching your potential. Kaitlyn Davidson once weighed 81 pounds but she was able to conquer her battle with anorexia by finding a healthy balance in her life. Now she's an Instagram fitness model.

At her lowest weight of 81 pounds, her body constantly ached and her hair began to fall out. She told News.com.au:

“There’s a fine line between fitness and obsession, and I didn’t realize I’d crossed that line until it was too late.”

“I had two minds, I had my eating disorder mind and my rational mind. I always had to push harder, be better. The better I got, the higher standards I’d set myself. I had to do my usual routine at the gym and if I missed something, I’d punish myself.”

“Walking was a struggle. When I sat down, I could feel my tailbone. I could physically feel my heart beating. My heart rate was extremely low, the doctors told me it was going to stop. They said my body had no more signs to give.”

“It’s not a linear process. I went through stages where I could eat anything and it would go straight through me, it was just replenishing my body. Then I got into the habit of eating that much and began storing weight.”

“Anorexia is not a body type or a body shape, it’s a mental illness. You still need to treat it, even once the weight has been gained.”

Davidson is set to compete in World Bikini Fitness and Fashion on May 14 for the second time.

“I share a lot of my body because i know what it’s like being that person alone at night, sick, these are the people scrolling through, upset and hating their bodies. If they can see me and feel OK, job done.”