This telco war is getting more and more interesting. From Digi to Celcom to Maxis and now U Mobile, these Malaysian telcos are getting more aggressive than ever in rolling out postpaid plans at all­ time low prices. As consumers, we have to say that we are really enjoying this as we watch one telco outdo another by cutting the prices down, down, down. (Telco companies, please don’t stop fighting.)

If you are familiar with U Mobile’s original Hero P70 Postpaid, you would surely recognize its high­ value, low­ price offering of 7GB data and unlimited calls to all networks for RM70 a month. We believe that this was the spark that set off the latest battle of the plans, as we observe the big three telcos – whose plans of 2­3GB data costing at least RM90­RM100+ per month – slowly move from premium to prudent.

Here’s a brief timeline of the latest postpaid war:

First, Digi launched their New Postpaid, offering 7GB Data and Unlimited Calls for RM75 per month.

Close call, yet still slightly pricier than P70.

Then, Celcom catches up by launching a promotion offer on FIRST Gold plan at RM80 per month instead of RM100.

This plan comes with unlimited calls and 10GB of data that oddly gets equally distributed for weekday and weekend use (5+5).

And so Maxis had no choice but to give in, introducing a new 5GB for RM68 plan but for East Malaysia users only. (Sorry West Mal!)

A move that we don’t quite understand as it may easily backlash by upsetting users from the other side.

But try as they may, they must have not expected U Mobile’s latest retaliation.

The newly revamped Hero P70 Postpaid now offers an extra 8GB every month on top of the existing 7GB up till June 30th 2016, giving you a whopping 15GB data every month!

The promotion is valid for new signups or upgrades from now onwards and will end on June 30th. In other words, the free additional 8GB will be available every month until June 30th. If you are already on P70 plan, you automatically get upgraded to the 15GB.

In addition, the Hero + share plan also gets the same upgrade, enjoying extra 8GB of data for sharing. Having more people to join? The Hero + plan allows up to 4 lines across multiple devices to share up to 24GB of data for as low as RM55 per line. Now you can get your father, mother, best friend or cat to enjoy this big pool of data – and unlimited calls too!

From the looks of it, it seems like U Mobile is once again on the lead – until someone else makes the next move. Who do you think will be the ultimate winner?