The stars of yesteryear were our favorite once upon a time. How much are they worth now? Are these has-beens still popular now? Check out the list below along with their net worth.

Coolio: $100,000

Macaulay Culkin: $15 million

Sisqo: $4 million

Lindsay Lohan: $500,000

William Hung: $500,000

Lou Bega: $1 million

Justin Guarini: $500,000

Willa Ford: $1 million

Farrah Franklin (one of two who got kicked out of Destiny’s Child): $1.5 million

Khia: $500,000

Fred Durst: $20 million

Shia Lebouf: $25 million

Mark McGrath: $6 million

Shaggy: $10 million

Ja Rule: $5 million

Chris Kirkpatrick: $13 million

Brian Setzer: $6.5 million

Chingy: $10 million

Blu Cantrell: $5 million

Ryan Cabrera: $2 million

Ashlee Simpson: $8 million

Tom Green: $5 million

Mandy Moore: $10 million

Akon: $80 million

Beans from Even Stevens: $1 million