Celebs are a funny old bunch of people aren’t they. It seems that the majority of world news is celebrity-driven. No matter what news outlet you check, there will always be a piece on celebrities. However, some celebs are in the news a lot more than others. And, it’s usually for the wrong reasons too. I thought it would be fun to take a look at four celebs that can’t help but create headlines. Check them out down below:

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Kanye West

When Kanye West burst onto the music scene, he was met with global applause. Everyone thought he was one of the greatest rap artists to grace the earth. There were people in some corners that claimed he was the best ever. His album sales went through the roof, and he regularly had number one hits. If he was ever in the news, it seemed to be for good things, like a new track release, or news of a new album.

As the years went on, Kanye’s fame increased, leading to him becoming a global superstar. He has millions of fans all over the world screaming his praise. With so many plaudits, it’s easy to see how someone can get a bit of an ego boost. Mr. West got more than an ego boost, in fact, he became convinced that he was the greatest thing ever to grace this earth. Have a look at some of his interesting quotes on Heightline and you’ll see what I mean. He thinks he’s a musical savior, he’s actually claimed to be God a few times. With all these crazy quotes and ego outbursts, Kanye has started to create headlines whenever he opens his mouth. You just have to see his Twitter spat with Wiz Khalifa to know what I mean. When the guy opens Twitter, it seems like he creates stories for the media to jump on. The man is unable to go through life without creating some type of headline. When he’s in the news, it’s usually for something stupid he’s said or done. And, for that, he’s worthy of a place on this list.

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Kim Kardashian

Now, I haven’t made this list in a particular order, but if I did, Kim Kardashian would easily be number one. If you don’t know who she is, then I guess you’ve been living under a rock. Mainly because she’ll do her utmost best to make sure everyone in the world knows her name. I'd be surprised if there were ever someone more fame-hungry and desperate for attention than this woman. And, that may sound harsh, but it’s true. Her entire image was created from a fame-hungry incident that most of you will know about. Since then, she’s been making headline after headline. In fact, she even married a walking talking headline in Mr. Kanye West!

If you open any celebrity magazine or newspaper, you’ll see her name. Just last week she created a Twitter storm by uploading a very revealing selfie. It’s almost as though she felt like headlines about her had dried up a bit, so needed something to fire herself back to the front pages. I’m convinced she has a wheel at home a la ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ with stupid attention-grabbing things written on it. She probably spins it to see what she can do next to grab people’s attention and make headlines. What more can she do? This woman is determined to make the news, and never for anything worthwhile.

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Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is by far and away one of the most globally recognized celebs on the planet. He’s got a huge social media following, and his music videos are some of the most viewed things ever. It’s fair to say that Biebs has had a bit of a topsy-turvy time in his short career. He started out as the innocent little boy that made classic teeny bopping songs. But, as he’s got older, his music has matured and changed. His latest album topped charts everywhere, with people of all ages loving it.

I think it can be argued that said album helped to restore his image somewhat. For the past few years, he’d been making headlines for all the wrong reasons. There was incident after incident after incident. He had regular bust-ups with paparazzi and even had some run-ins with the police. Not to mention having a leaked nude picture of him on a balcony posted all over the internet too. Yep, Justin seems to make headlines wherever he goes, and a lot of the time they’re not good ones. However, he does seem to be working on cleaning up his image, which is more than can be said for the others on this list.

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Donald Trump

Donald, Donald, Donald. Oh boy, where do I begin with Mr. Trump? Until recently, Trump was mostly known for his business acumen. He owned lots of companies and had his name on many buildings. People also grew to know him from the hit TV show ‘The Apprentice.' He did make the occasional headline, but it wasn’t often enough to warrant a place on a list about creating headlines.

That was, until, he put his name down as a presidential candidate. Since then, barely a day goes by without him creating headlines. Often, he doesn’t even mean to create them, he just says absurd things that warrant full-page stories. His outrageously backward views on society have lead to many people hating and laughing at him. Strangely (and worryingly) it’s also gained him lots of support. He’s come out with some ridiculous things in the past year or so, and will continue to create headlines. Donald gets very defensive about things, which usually lead to hilariously angry tweets. In fact, you can click here to see some of his funniest/most stupid tweets yet. I’ve no doubt that he’ll stay on the news and say even more stupid things to gain front page coverage. Certainly well worth a place on this list.

As I said earlier, this list is in no particular order. In fact, why don’t you order these four celebs how you see fit? Comment below with your order, and share this with your friends if you enjoyed!