First things first: Everything feels like it's overpriced, especially now. But that's also the first trick to these food trends we've seen so far. Seemingly simple and done before stuff but with sexy marketing added to it. Of course, there's more to it than just the price.

Ham Dan Croissant

Local Dominque Ansel wannabes creatively made the ham dan croissant. And I'm not going to lie. This sounds like the most delicious thing you could put in your mouth. Ranging from RM6.90 to more, we guess that's reasonable, if you only have one, which you probably won't. Admittedly, its success probably had to do more with its scarcity and fusion prowess, which is probably what made people so curious.

KFC Kicap Meletup

Appearing for a promotional period only, it might just get its hall of fame status and return on a yearly basis. Thanks to its very interesting use of herbs, it quickly trended among people. Really, KFC should come up with more of these things!

Coconut ice cream

It would be sacrilegious for you to not have tried coconut ice cream from Sang Kaya. I mean, it's the bomb. The idea seemed so simple. Ice cream + coconut. And while that isn't even new to begin with, the whole idea became so sexy in our heads. You just had to try it. You get more value for your money when you order more scoops, which means, more expensive!

Soft serve ice cream

Tons of these kinds of places are popping up. To think, McDonald's were the first to sell them for dirt cheap thrill sort of prices! Now these new shops are like the Victoria's Secret of soft serve ice cream. They come in all kinds of permutations and flavors. And for RM7-RM15. Being hipster about food ain’t cheap.

Gourmet burgers

Who doesn't love the thought of putting meat patties made by hand into their mouths? With a minimum of 300% increase in price, we probably don’t mind the price since it’s mouth-watering-good. The never ending queues also probably help quite a bit.

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Nasi Lemak

How exactly do you make nasi lemak trend? We believe that there's a very unique skill in making nasi lemak, but it probably won't run that far off from one vendor to the other. Yet, this dish can range from RM1.20 to RM8 to RM19.90. Oddly enough, “cheap-not-good” and “good-not-cheap” doesn’t actually apply to Nasi Lemak. From Selera Jaya 33 to Village Park,

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Starbucks’ Secret Menu

The very fact that it’s not up on the board makes it so interesting to say the least. Just like Starbucks outlets in other places around the world, you can order a very special one here in Malaysia too. From a Snickers Frap to a Twix Frap and more, you’ll need to find out what’s in store by speaking to the barista in charge. Do note that it may be a little pricier than normal, so ask first before ordering.

Dim Sum

Tim Ho Wan became a house of madness when people had to line up behind 30-40 others just for a seat and the chance to pick off from a menu of not more than 12 items. The whole 1 Michelin star thing must have did most of the marketing for it. So how do you make it even trendier? Overprice the dishes by a tiny bit, and then let the long queue do the rest of the marketing for you. Dunzo!!

Healthy lunch boxes

No one said it was cheap to be healthy. That's why a lot of us probably eat a lot of process meat and stuff that's bad for us. So in comes the health trend. Using internet-hyped veges like Kale and rocket, and then putting them in a lunch box, these things sell for RM15 or more. It works too, and honestly, kale and rocket is actually delicious.

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The cost of living is going up, and that just means we’ve got go easy on our wallets too. Always be on the lookout for deals!

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