It just came to our realization that we're not just crazy over food trends. We love toys too.

1. Tamagotchi

Remember this? If you don't, you probably weren't born yet, but these were the must-haves in the 90s. Every kid had one, and every Tamagotchi probably died too, since kids aren't exactly supposed to be responsible of taking care of something.

2. Tamiya cars

It was big in the 90s and 2000s, and it started to sizzle out only to maintain a niche group of nerds who still play them. Of course, now they're not called nerds.
Maybe, Otakus?

3. Mcdonalds' Hello kitty

Probably the only time people eat McDonald's (forcefully) is when they have a toy that's so iconic in popular culture, available as a free gift with every purchase of a Happy Meal. The funniest part: adults were the ones going gaga over this.

4. Mcdonalds' Minion

This went overboard too, thanks to the many movies that made children fall in love with the Minions. They're cute. They talk gibberish. And they're silly. Sold!

5. Shell's Lego collection

Lego seemed to experience somewhat of a revival in 2015. Suddenly, it's all hot again. And then suddenly, you could buy a limited edition set with every minimum spend of petrol. These things were sold out in a day.

6. App games

These days, games are on our phones now, and they connect to social media, hence all the unwanted notification for every trending game possible sent to your Facebook account. Which suckered you in? Candy Crush? Clash of Clans? There are just so many!

7. Phones

Mobile penetration in Malaysia is a whopping 140% high. It means, there are some of us who own more than ONE device. Either we’ve got a lot of pocket room to spare for them, or we really really love owning new tech all the time.

Truly, food isn’t the only thing we go goo-goo ga-ga for.

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