The future is a difficult thing to predict. Some would argue that our lives are pre-planned and we spend our lives navigating the psychic map. Others would say that our destiny is what we make it. But what is the truth? Are powers beyond our wildest thoughts in charge of how we live our lives?

Was this article always destined to be written? I suppose what it all boils down to is your personal belief on the matter. But whatever the answer might be to those questions there are many ways every individual can feel more secure about their future.

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Visualise what you want.

Thinking about what you want and believing it will happen is a great place to start. Making this type a thought a habit is even better. There are many ways to encourage you to visualise the future that you want. You could create a vision board. Or stick reminders in places you look at often. A vision board is one of the easiest ways of visualising your future. It means taking a few moments to think about what you want and placing it on to your board. This could be a picture of someone working symbolising a promotion. Or a house which signifies your desire to have a new home. It could even be a picture of a family which reminds you of your hopes to starting a family. The best thing to do is put the board in a place you look at often. Then every time you see it, you can visualise your future.

Seek some guidance

For some of us who aren’t self-starters, then sometimes it’s good to seek some advice or guidance. Maybe discussing your hopes and dreams with a loved one might be the push you need to feeling more secure. You might like more of an insight into the future and seek out a reading from Pychictopia.

Seeking reassurance and discussing things with a loved one can help cement future plans. If you want to have a family then it would be good to know that both parties involved are on the same page.

Embrace your life

Let go and embrace the moment, whether it contains an obstacle or an opportunity. Embracing life can mean letting go of your past and taking some focus away from the future. It’s about living in the moment and being present. Life won’t change overnight. You won’t suddenly get this future you have visualised straight away. Life is about taking steps to the end goal. You shouldn't expect it to change overnight either. But it’s taking that moment not to complain, and turning it into a positive opportunity. That’s the difference between someone who is embracing life and someone who isn’t.

It may sound hypocritical. When previous advice has been to visualise your future and make that a habit. But visualising and day dreaming about it are very different to having a sheer focus on it. If your focus is on your future and not the present, there will be a lot that you miss out on. Even opportunities that could have brought that future you crave in closer grasp. So find the right balance. Visualise the future, day dream about it, but don’t forget to live in that moment as well.

Embracing life can mean taking risks and stepping out of your comfort zone. It can mean learning not to say no so often. Sometimes we don’t know what that opportunity could present. We can let fear of the unknown dictate a lot about our present life. Fear of the unknown can also have an effect on our future. But the difference is turning that fear into excitement. Turning the no into a yes and a brand new opportunity for an experience.

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Have a positive mindset

Negative thoughts can have a real bad effect on your present life and also your future. A negative thought process can make a future seem shaky and unnerving. Those thoughts can drain you of energy and keep you from being in the present moment. The more you give in to your negative thoughts, the stronger they become. It can be like a ball of snow falling down a mountain. Starting small and insignificant but with force and momentum gain bigger and stronger to cause damage.

It’s quite easy to turn a negative mindset into a positive one. By making a few daily changes can have the snowball effect, in the same way, the negative thoughts can. One positive thought can spread to another, and another, and another. It’s the same snowball effect. Until suddenly no matter what life throws at you can turn it into a positive.

Doing things like yoga and meditation can help with your mindset. As can taking exercise and watching the type of food you eat.

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Take responsibility for your personal journey.

No one can live your life for you. No one person wants the same future. It’s up to you to take responsibility for what you want and take the necessary steps to achieve it. Sure you can seek guidance. You can visualise every aspect of your future. You can even think positively about every opportunity. You might be embracing every single moment. But without you taking the responsibility to make things happen. To move forward. It’s all pointless.

Taking responsibility is as simple as owning your decision. You know exactly what future you want to have. You plan on having it exactly how you visualise it. That's it. You have taken responsibility for it.

Feeling secure in your future is piecing every little step together. It's not all down to you. If you are with someone who is very much part of your future, they need to step up to the plate as well. But most important of all is having the belief that what you want is within reach. That it is achievable. We can all live the life we desire. The difference between the ones that do, and the ones that don’t, is believing it can happen.