What would you do if your puppy couldn't close his mouth because of his teeth? This is Wesley the Golden Retriever. The now six-month-old puppy had a few teething problems while getting older, and the solution was to wear doggy-braces.

According to Wesley’s owner, Molly Moore, the pup developed this problem at a young age. “Once his adult teeth started coming out, we noticed they were coming in wrong and he was unable to close his mouth fully.”

Molly’s dad, Jim Moore, who is a “doggie dentist,” had a perfect solution – little doggy braces!

Pictures of Wesley with his fixed braces were posted on the hospital’s Facebook page and have since been shared over 270,000 times.

“He’s just so cute with them on,” Molly said. “I feel like that’s what I looked like when I got braces at 12.”

He only has to wear them for a couple more weeks and he's done!