It's no surprise that your home is the breeding ground of filth. And while we can't see it, it doesn't mean something is clean either. So get down to some real scrubbing of the places and items you have in your home. Check out the list below:

1. Drying rack

This place is pretty dirty, and needs to be sanitized every now and then. Water collects in the lower corners, and mold and bacteria hold raves there.

2. Tops of cabinets

Dust. Lots of it. You don't see it is out of sight.

3. Knife block

Bacteria can grow inside the block. Make sure the knives are clean and dry before putting them in the block.

4. Can opener

You might miss the gunk that gets on it every time you open a can. Wash it thoroughly first.

5. Knobs and handles

Our hands are the dirtiest and easiest way for germs to travel. So knobs and handles. Clean them.

6. Rubber spatulas

Bacteria can be found in the area where the handles meet the blades.

7. Reusable bags

They're pretty dirty on the inside. Germs and bacteria can hang out there. Just give it a proper cleaning in the washer every few weeks once.

8. Blender and gasket

Smoothies are delicious, but what's even better is not getting sick from it. There can be serious bacteria buildup if you don't wash your blender properly.

9. The inside of your fridge

Many people forget that this place is actually really super dirty.

10. Cutting board

Make sure you wash your cutting board thoroughly. They are the perfect places for bacteria and pathogens to make sweet love to each other.

11. Sponges

Throw them out every few days once.

12. Sinks

You pile everything dirty in there, and think it's clean because soap is running through it. But no. It isn't.

13. The couch

You sit on your couch quite a fair bit and you shed hair, skin, and whatever. So basically, your couch is super super dirty. Get it cleaned!

14. Hand Towels

Wash them after every three uses.

15. Towels

Wash them after every three uses too.

16. Bath mat

It's best not to keep one but if you do, make sure you frequently wash it.

17. Produce

You really need to give them veggies a bath before you start eating them.