Belinda Norton-Smith is 38-years-oldand has two kids already. After giving birth, her body wasn't the kind she wanted to live with, so she deicded to make a change. So she dived into some intensive workout and maintained her routine.

This is her transformation:

She says:

‘I am dairy-free due to my health choices…I am asthmatic and I’ve noticed that since I cut it out I am not nasally, I have no eczema or skin problems and my skin is vibrant,’ Ms Norton-Smith said, who hasn’t been sick in two and a half years.

‘I also eat six decent sized meals a day – as do my kids – and each of them should be the size of your two fists clenched together.’

Ms Norton-Smith also eats no sugar or red meat.

‘As a society people tell us we need it but I haven’t had it in at least three years and I have never felt better,’ she said.

‘I eat fish and chicken and replace it with more legumes.’

This is her today: