Anyone who stays in hotels regularly knows that it can be pretty dull and boring at times. You need to be prepared for this and have a plan of action in order to stave off the boredom.

Browse the Movie Channels

Even if you have to pay to watch a movie, it’s a good way of killing time when you’re bored in your hotel room. And if you are staying at one of the top hotels, you should be able to get access to lots of movie channels free of charge. Some places that use Hotel IPTV even allow you access to on demand services. So, browse the channels and see if there are any good movies that you can find to watch.

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Take Advantage of the Wifi

More hotels are letting guests have free access to the internet nowadays. Those that force customers to pay for the privilege to use the internet are becoming fewer and fewer. So, you should take advantage of the internet and download some games onto your mobile or tablet. There are so many great games that are perfect for killing time when you’re incredibly bored. The best of them all is, of course, Angry Birds. But that’s just one of many. Time will pass much quicker when you’re having fun.

Visit the Bar

If the hotel has a bar, you could always take a trip down there and see what it’s like. You might find a few other bored souls who are also drowning their sorrows. Hotel bars can actually be really good places to meet people and have a decent conversation. Even if there are only a few oddballs in there, oddballs can be pretty fun to talk to. If there’s not a bar, then you might have to make do with the mini bar in your room, but we all know how expensive they can be if you get carried away.

Take the Chance to Read

You should never depart for a night in a hotel without taking something to read. Whether it’s a massive novel or an issue of your favourite comic book, make sure you have something. Being alone in a hotel gives you the perfect chance to get away from the pressures and stresses of the family home. When you’re surrounded by other people, you often don’t have the chance to read, so don’t let this chance to slip through your fingers. You don’t want to be left looking through the abandoned books in the lobby.

Get an Early Night

If all else fails, and there’s nothing to keep you busy, maybe it’s time to to get your head down and have an early night. At least when you are in a hotel, the bed is made for you and there’s a chocolate waiting on the pillow for you. And if you can’t even manage to get to sleep because of noise or other disturbances, let the hotel know. Even if the entertainment options are terrible, you should at least be entitled to a decent night’s sleep!

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