There's more to know about sex dolls than you think. When did they become famous, how long were they already in the market, and who were the ones who first made them. Here's a bunch of trivia you probably didn't know:

Adolf Hitler supposedly approved a project to create inflatable sex dolls to his soldiers, in order to avoid places of prostitution in Paris.

Barbie was based on a sex doll. In the 1950s in Germany the Bild Lilli doll was released, a small doll based on an attractive German actress that was sold to adult men.

Sex dolls are heavy, some weighing as much as 52kg, and starting at around 34kg.

The male RealDolls are not that popular and only account for 10 percent of sales.

There’s a guy in America whose wife is a sex doll. "Davecat" is not legally married to his sex doll, but recognizes it as his wife.

In Japan, sex dolls are called “Dutch wives.” 

The inventor of the Fleshlight once tried to patent a sex doll back in 1995.

People who are really into RealDolls are called “iDollators.” There are a lot of these people around.

Howard Stern is responsible for the popularity of the modern sex doll and apparently had sex with one on air in the 90s.

They are ridiculously expensive and can cost $5,500, to start with.