Type 'relationship advice' in Google and you'll find a ton of sites with articles on that topic. Some of them are probably better than the ones you've read in Cosmo. Here are some of the 25 most useless and dumbest relationship advice from the magazine:

1. Flirty texts that involve your dad.

2. Use a fork. ?!?!?

3. Twentysomething YOLO princess.

4. Use your feet to decide.

5. Never pay for the bill.

6. Use donuts.

7. Use pizza.

8. Use shaving cream. And Vine.

9. Emoji. AKA sexting.

10. What guys will do to bang you without a condom.

11. He doesn't want you to spend money because he wants to marry you.

12. Discrimination against the uncircumcised.

13. Hot girls make sex mistakes. And it's a crime.

14. Not really sure what this means.

15. Use face shape to understand guys.

16. If they are Captain Obvious, they must be smart. Smart guys are good.

17. Calling is a bitch tip. ?!?!!?!?!?

18. C.

19. This is absolutely not useful.

20. Vaginas are sexier than a sense of humor.

21. If it's not his prostate, he must be having some cocaine.

22. Toothpaste. You cheap fucker.

23. If he has a penis, he's a cheater.

24. Because your camera might not get them in the picture?

25. Change your man. No prob!