Every celebrity Instagram is orchestrated, designed, planned, and executed in a timely fashion. Selena Gomez revealed how one of her post managed to create a domino effect of attention from fans around the world.

She was at an interview with W magazine when she got a text from her manager, asking her to post a picture of her "boyfriend" up on Instagram. It was to promote her then, un-released music video single "Hands to myself."

The photo was a simple one. Just a handsome guy, sitting down, sipping an orange soda. No caption was necessary. Her manager said, "Watch - it'll be crazy."

And true enough, crazy happened. Within 12 hours, the post received 1.2 million likes and every media around the world was wondering if that was Selena's new beau.

The man was Christopher Mason, and he stars as Selena's love interest in her new music video.
Soon, she released the music video on January 20, and it has been viewed over 37 million times and counting on YouTube.

What seems to be random stuff that celebrities share, are actually all orchestrated. And for business.