There are habits that well have. Some can be more serious than others. No doubt many of our New Year’s Resolutions have revolved around ridding ourselves of these habits. No doubt many of us have already faltered in them. However, the doesn’t mean we should give up. Whether it’s tobacco, alcohol or stress, take the time to read this guide and kick the habit that’s been on your back way too long. You’ll thank yourself for it eventually.


Give alcohol the boot

Enjoying a casual drink can too soon evolve into a habit that’s difficult to shake. If you’re able to recognise that your drinking has become a bit of a problem for you, you’re already doing fantastically. Now’s the time to take the step that’s a bit scarier and actually do something about it. Luckily, there are many different services on offer to help you do just that. Alcohol detox is a difficult process. However, with the right counselling and the dedication to your own health and well-being, your chances couldn’t be higher. Just be patient with yourself and stick with it.

Goodbye tobacco

It can be heart-breaking to say goodbye to cigarettes, but you don’t need us to tell you all the positive benefits to your health. Easier breathing. More energy. No annoying cough. We who have spent years on cigarettes know full well how difficult it can be to give up those beloved things. However, e-cigarettes these days are making it much, much easier to give them the boot. They satisfy your cravings whilst barring all the tar and tobacco. You can choose your flavour and your strength and, if you’re committed, cut yourself down on nicotine, too.

So long, stress

You might not class this as a habit, but it’s an important ‘trait’ to try rid yourself of. Stress seems like it can impossible to rid yourself of every now and then and can very well lead to some of the other habits mentioned here, too. Try some of the natural methods of ridding yourself of all that unwanted pressure. Every aspect of your life, from work to fitness, will thank you for the attempt.


The treats don’t have to go just yet

It might be chocolate, cake or ice cream. We all have those treats that we can’t stop coming back to. Of course, you know that they’re just part of the bad cycle keeping you from reaching the state of well-being you want to be in. Unfortunately, that knowledge doesn’t seem to help. You don’t have to say goodbye to delicious things just yet. How about replacing them instead? There are loads of recipes for healthier alternatives to the things we know we shouldn’t be eating. Try them out and see which becomes your new nightly delight.

Enjoy your workout

If it’s laziness you’re looking to shake off, you have a lot of effort ahead of you. Exercise is very much an uphill struggle to being with, but keep with it and soon you find it becoming second nature. If you need help getting to that stage, however, why not try some methods of making exercise fun.