Every year there are certain important things that need to be sorted out. These are things that can play a big role in your life and the lives of your family. I have a lot of things in my household that need to be sorted out each year. And sometimes it’s difficult to get around to sorting all of them out. To be honest, it’s sometimes all I can do to just remember all the stuff that needs to be addressed!

And that’s why this year I’ve decided to make sure I write it all down and make a list. It’s important for me to address each of these things and make sure I get them completed. They are integral to my lifestyle and livelihood, and those of my family. You will no doubt have important things in your life that you will need to address. So make sure you figure out what those are and do what you can to sort them. You can use my ideas to help you get started if you want to.

Book Holiday

As a family, you will no doubt look at having family holidays each year. And that means you need to sort them out. We like to have family holidays on an annual basis, so this is something I need to sort out. There is a lot to think about when trying to book a family holiday, and that’s what makes it complicated. I will need to consider destination and the perfect time to book the holiday, so everyone is free. It’s also important to consider whether there are facilities there that will appeal to the whole family. So I need to get online and do what I can to find the perfect family holiday for us this year.

Spring Clean

A mother's work is never done in the home; there’s always something that needs to be done. And there is often a lot of cleaning that needs to be done. You'll need a proper home cleaning guide if you're going to survive the mess! If you have kids, you’ll understand how much mess they can generate all the time. So it’s always necessary to try to keep the home clean. As well as this there are other cleaning obligations such as spring cleaning. And this is something I’m going to need to get stuck into this year. It won’t be long until spring approaches, and when it does the spring cleaning will take center stage. I actually quite enjoy spring cleaning as I find it quite therapeutic, so this is something I’m looking forward to.


Get the Car Checked

The new year always brings about new obligations for the family. For example, I like to make sure I get the car checked and tested every year. It’s something that is important for the family and me because we rely on the car. So I always like to ensure that it is in full working order, and there are no problems. A car is an essential tool for families up and down America as it allows them to carry out their daily lives. So, make sure your car is running perfectly. I will be taking mine to the garage for testing to make sure I iron out any problems and catch any issues early.

Home Refurbs

Much like thousands of other homeowners, I always have plenty of things I’d like to do to my home. By this, I mean in terms of renovation and refurbishment work. There is always something that needs doing, and I think that’s what puts a lot of people off, but not me. I’m going to dive in head first and try to make some real headway with the DIY bits. I have a list of projects I’m planning to sink my teeth into as soon as the weather gets good.

Get Fitter

A lot of people have goals they want to achieve whenever a fresh year comes around. And one of the main ones that seems to be on everyone’s list every year is to get fitter. And I have to concede that I am no exception to this rule. I wish I were fitter and healthier, and I have done for a while. But this year I’ve decided to stop wishing and start doing instead! I am going to come up with a fitness regime for the coming year that will involve dieting and exercise. I haven’t decided yet whether I’m going to join the gym or hire a personal trainer so we’ll have to see.

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Sort Out Plumbing and Electrics

Our home is our sanctuary, and we love what we’ve done with the place. But, there are always a few things that could do with being checked now and then. The two most important areas of the home are the plumbing and the electrics. Without them, there would be no running water and no power. So I always make sure I get them checked at the start of every year. As these are specialised areas, I will need to find an electrician at ElectricalConnection.org, and hire a plumber too. That way I know that these things are being dealt with by the right people and that no problems are going to arise.

Interview Nannies

Being a parent I need to think about what’s best for my children at all times. And that means that I need to think about what happens to the kids when we have to go out and leave them. And that means hiring a nanny or babysitter to look after them. But, before I can hire I need to conduct interviews so I can screen them and get a feel for who they are. If someone’s going to be looking after my kids, I want to feel good about that person. That’s why the interview process is so vital, and something my husband and I will take very seriously.

Buy Gifts

Every year, whether we like it or not, there are going to be events that we need to buy gifts for. It could be birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or Christmas. But there’s always going to be some occasion every year. And that’s why I like to try to get any gift buying out of the way as early as possible. If you’re anything like me, you hate the chaos and rush of having to buy presents at busy times of the year. Luckily I can do all my shopping online as early in the year as possible and get it over and done with. This is something that is important and needs to be sorted as soon as possible.


Be Greener

My husband and I have long been admirers of the eco-friendly way of life, but it’s always seemed like an effort to facilitate. But this year we have decided we’re finally going to pull our fingers out and do what we can to become a greener household. The good thing these days is that there is a lot of choice for people wanting to become eco-friendly. We already have a recycling system in place in the home. But there are other things we are considering like solar power, a water tank for the garden, and eco-friendly lighting. I want to make our home as green as possible, so we can save money and look after Mother Earth.

Learn Some New Recipes

As a mom, one of my roles in the home is to make lovely meals for my family. I love to cook for the children and prepare dishes for my wonderful husband. I have a decent array of dishes I can cook, but I’m always looking to add more. So, one of the main goals for this year is to learn some new recipes to add to my repertoire. This will allow for more of a range of dishes in the home, and I might be able to pull a focus around to healthy eating. I want to have a wide range of recipes that I’m well-versed in including sweet and savoury dishes.

Read More

I’m always looking to add to my hobbies and interest. I am an avid reader, and I always like to carry my Kindle around with me at all times. This year I am hoping to be able to read more than I have done the last year. I want to try to dip into a few genres I’ve not read before in order to increase my knowledge and experience. I think a mixture of fiction and nonfiction reading is the best way to go as it gives a balance. The great thing about a Kindle is that I can hold hundreds of thousands of volumes on one small tablet. That means that I can get access to any type of book I want no matter where I am. I definitely want to make sure I read more and that I keep up with it as much as I can.

These are all things that are really important in my life, and I am going to go to great lengths to sort them out this year. I think it’s easy to leave important things and let them get on top of you, and this is not a good thing. So it’s always best to try to take action to get these things sorted out as soon as you can. Take a look at my list and hopefully you will be inspired to come up with your own list of things.