Who doesn't love free money? I don't think anyone does, but there are times when you just know the cutoff point has to exist. That's right. Believe it or not, but there should be a point when you shouldn't even be receiving that red packet. Here are 9 signs you should just say no thanks.

1. You're at a friend's place and everyone is married except you.

You're too old.

While it's weird to receive a red packet from your friends, you probably wouldn't reject it either. Just have a good time hanging out and don't look forward to free money, especially from your own friends - if you want to reject that is.

2. You're old enough to get married and are already engaged.

You're too old.

If you're already engaged to get married, it's probably a sign you're too old to receive ang pow. But then again, money clouds most people's minds. You'll happily think this is your last year of getting them so why not.

3. You're 40 and single

You're too old.

You have no excuse receiving ang pow. In fact, you should be giving it instead (to kids of course). Just politely say no, please. Thanks!

4. You're married.

Being married means you have to give out those red packets, but getting them? That's absolutely not the rule! And yet, you wouldn't mind either. You'll most likely just get some from really close relatives.

5. If the people you're visiting look like they need the extra cash more than you.


A red packet isn't your month's salary. It's usually a token sum of people celebrating the spirit of the festive season. If you can be the bigger person to reject it from people who look like they need it more than you but are still giving it out, just do it.

6. If you're the only adult in the room full of kids below 10.

How thick is your skin? While I know most people still wouldn't mind, makes it kinda funny to be the only adult accepting free money.

7. If your parents aren't working anymore


You can't help it if your parents feel like taking care of you and showing you appreciation by giving you a red packet. Do the same for them by doing this - remove the money they gave you and double and triple it and give it back to them.

8. If you're getting it from someone younger than you

If your funny bone doesn't tickle much at this then we guess there's no stopping you. Put your hands out and say thank you.

9. Or if you just generally feel embarrassed to accept it


This hardly ever happens, but if for some reason you do feel embarrassed, then by all means, say no.