If you grew up in a predominantly or completely English speaking environment, this time of the year is going to be tough for you since there's a high chance your extended family is going to be speaking in dialect. Here are struggles only the banana generation will understand, especially during Chinese New Year.

1. The only Chinese you can speak is Gong Xi Fa Cai

Beyond that, you're hopeless! And your family knows it. And this happens.

So..that was quick.

2. When wanting to eat something, you can't remember what it's called


Thankfully you can still point.

3. This is the time when you get ridiculed the most for not being able to speak Chinese


4. You pretend you understand what people are saying, but you don't

You nod. A lot.


And utter whatever that comes to mind.


5. You can't watch a classic Chinese movie without subtitles, because God-help-you


6. They laugh at how you pronounce words, and speak to you in English instead because they don't want to alienate you


Total mockery of you. This is your story.

7. You might feel ashamed and alone because you can't join in a conversation


It sucks being left out.

8. Conversations with you tend to end faster


They just don't want you to explain again, because they don't understand you.

9. When you try to say something, it actually ends up meaning something else.

speak12.gifDid you just say something else?