This is my 5th year being a dad. I have two kids, 5 and 2, and going anywhere is a challenge itself with kids that age. What more when it comes to going from one home to another and having friends and family visit yours. Here's how CNY is different when you have a kid or more.

1. You might be late for gatherings.

Danielle Guenther

Kids screw up your schedule. But you can at least try to get them moving at an earlier time and possibly avoid being late.

2. You'll have to worry about them running around in other people's home.

Please. Do. Not. Break. Anything.

3. You can't stay too long.

You'll have to leave before they get tired. They're not robots.

4. You might have to skip a few.

You can't quite possibly attend everyone's open-house. Some start really late too in the middle of the night, and night is bedtime for the children.

5. Or you might have to go alone.

Danielle Guenther

If you don't want to skip a gathering, you'll go alone, but you can't tire yourself too much either, because the moment you get home, dad duty starts again.

6. Getting sick is a possibility.

Eating too much and getting dehydrated and all the other ails that come along with that.

7. You have to constantly watch out for them eating too much.

Danielle Guenther

You don't want them to overeat and cultivate a habit of doing so at such a young ge.

8. You're really hoping they don't go number 2 in someone else's home.

The clean up process will be hard if it isn't your toilet.

9. You hope that days of celebration don't tire them out too much

It's more like a marathon. Pace yourself!

This is your life now:

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