This animal looks like a raccoon, but is it really one? Japanese Twitter users discovered the account of one man who is in the possession of a very rare animal. It looks like a raccoon, but it actually is a dog. Check it out below:

Called a Tanuki, it is often mistaken as a badger or a raccoon.

Tanukis don’t bark, but they do growl and have a high pitched whine.

Twitter user Chibi_Tori found his Tanuki after he was abandoned — he has been raising him in his home since June.

The tanuki has a reputation for being mischievous, jolly, gullible and absent minded.

They are further away from dogs than wolves are, and they are nocturnal.

They also hibernate during the winter.

In captivity, they just become lethargic.

Tanukis are actually wild animals and are not bred domestically.

It's also heavily advised to not keep them as pets.

They are not legal in the United States without an exotic animal permit.