Contouring is a makeup technique that has really took off over the past year or so. Just about everybody is doing it to sculpt their face and give a more defined look to their makeup. People use it for big nights out, dates, and even just going to work! You can do a subtle contour, or go all out with a dramatic contour. There’s a contour for every look you’re trying to create. If you’d like to get contouring right, here are some tips and tricks that will help you to sculpt your face:

Purchase a Kit

Buy a contouring makeup kit if you’re unsure of the different shades you need. There are lots of different kits you can buy these days, from cream kits to powder kits. Cream is best for dry skin, while powder is best for oily. You can usually get a more subtle effect with powder, but create a more dramatic contour with cream. Make sure the shades you go for are right for your skintone. Youtube can help you to work out which shade to buy if you’re confused.

Have Good Blending Tools on Hand

Having good blending tools on hand is a must if you’re going to get this contour perfect. Sponges and brushes will help you to create the most believable and beautiful look. Sponges can help you to blend product perfectly. There are even brushes made especially for the art of contouring!

Check it Out in Natural Light

Always check your contour out in natural light or as close as you can get before leaving. You don’t want to leave the house to find that you haven’t blended it out properly! There should be no harsh or telltale lines when it comes to your contour.

Set it Afterwards

Set your contour after you’ve applied it to keep it in place. Most people like to do this with a translucent powder. It’s especially important you set the concealer/lighter contour colour, especially under the eyes! You don’t want it sliding off after a couple of hours.

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Use Tape for a Sharper Contour

Some makeup artists have started using tape for an even sharper contour. Simply apply it where you’re planning on adding your bronzer and apply away. Peel off the tape and blend. This can help to create a more defined finish, but you must blend.

Make Sure You Contour for Your Face Shape

There are slightly different ways to contour depending on your face shape. Make sure you work to soften your harsh features, and vice versa. A person with a round face wouldn’t want to make their face look any rounder, for example. You can find diagrams online to help.

Use these contouring tips and tricks and you’ll make your face look so much more defined. You can create higher cheekbones, a slimmer chin and nose, and add a youthful glow. Providing you use these tips and make sure you’re blending properly, you won’t look like you’ve piled it on. Have fun!