There's always a better way to do something, and here are some life hacks that will probably save you some time in doing something, or offer a solution to do it better still. Check it out in the gallery below:

1. Prevent your pencil from crumbling when you sharpen it by sticking it in the freezer for a few minutes

2. This pillow is the pillow you've been looking for all your life

3. Plastic bags can save your life

4. Glue a magnet to the end of a hammer to prevent nails from getting lost on the floor

5. Cut open a tennis ball and fill it with treats to entertain your dog. For hours.

6. This method of making toast:

7. When your perfume bottle is almost empty..

8. This tip for boiling an egg

9. Roll the bag of chips up from the bottom

10. If you don't have anything to prop your phone up...

11. Epic pancake and bacon combo:

12. Add vanilla to improve your paint's harsh smell

13. Attach a tennis ball on a string to ensure you don't hit the wall when you park at home

14. Make a fort by using a large sheet a a fan.

15. This trick will ensure you don't lose pens anymore.

16. Fold and store vertically. Saves time and space.

17. Label your cords.

18. Freeze your soup leftovers into single portions.

19. Bring a fitted bed sheet to the beach to prevent sand getting on it