Casting Wonder Woman became easier when they found Gal Gadot. She's definitely the perfect person for the role. While we've seen a lot of footage of Batman and Superman in their upcoming movie, we've only really gotten a glimpse of Wonder Woman, until today with this new footage of her. She's also extremely beautiful in real life. Check out her Instagram account:

1. Gadot hails from Israel.

2. She's an actress and model, and it's not hard to tell why from the looks.

3. She won Miss Israel in 2004.

4. She began modeling in the late 2000s.

5. She's 31-years-old this year.

6. She made her film debut in Fast & Furious as Gisele.

7. Before Batman v Superman, she's been in very minor roles.

8. Her big break is likely playing Wonder Woman.

9. A superhero role definitely makes a career for sure.

10. Aside from donning the WW costume, she looks good in normal clothes too, as you can tell.

11. What makes Gal even hotter is that she's a motorcycle enthusiast.

12. She's also married and has one child.

13. She's also the first non-American actress to play Diana / Wonder Woman.

14. Gal even performs her own stunts and is a sports enthusiast. She loves tennis, basketball, and volleyball.

15. She almost got the role of Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy, but Wonder Woman has got to be better!