Think you know everything there is to know about the world's most famous celebrity? There are a whole bunch of things you didn't know, and here's a small nugget of it. Check it out:

1. She only goes to the beach at" onclick=";return false;">certain times in the day when the light is flattering so her cellulite can’t be seen.

2. She dated Michael Jackson’s nephew, Tito Joe Jackson.

3. Kim ran a closet organization and personal styling business. Her first client was the singer Brandy, and then folks like Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton.

4. Her late father wrote her a letter telling her her body would “lead to attention from men,” and asked her to “understand her self-worth.”

5. She’s been married three times. Her first marriage was to a music producer, Damon Thomas, when she was 19. They divorced three years later.

6. In May 2007 she categorically denied the existence of a sex tape. Just a month later, the now infamous one featuring her and then-boyfriend Ray J was released.

7. Kanye West cleared out Kim’s entire closet and replaced her clothes with items he approved of.

8. She bought multiple strollers because she wanted to ensure that one matched the baby’s skin tone.

9. Kim and Kanye had no real intention of calling their baby North until both Anna Wintour and Pharrell Williams told them they should. Was it a joke?

10. The shot that ended up on the cover of Paper magazine, was never pre-planned. The only planned photo was the one of her balancing the champagne glass on her butt.

11. After Elizabeth Taylor died, Kim spent £65,000 dollars on jewellery at the sale of her estate.

12. At their wedding, she and Kanye decided against traditional name card settings and had the name of all 150 guests engraved into a marble table.

13. She has a nutritionist who changes her diet every 10 days.

14. She uses a large Hermes Birkin handbag as her diaper bag. They cost $12,000 to $200,000.

15. She had over 2000 selfies to decide between for her selfie book, “Selfish.” 300 didn’t make the cut.