It's not easy to have a big bosom. It may seem like a great thing, but there are a few realities only you and others you share your same fate will understand. Check it out below:

When you finally take off your bra.

You're always shunned by button ups.

Your titties are too big for some stuff.

Basically, you have limited options.

You want to sleep on your stomach, but your boobs are too big.

You'll never know the beauty of a strapless bra.

Needing a sports bra, but not being able to physically wear one.

When you have to run laps in a gym but you have..big titties.

Not wearing a bra is NOT an option.

When you don't wear a bra, it's a real problem.

Because walking around without one is like, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce..

Going to bed in a tank top and waking up with one of them hanging out.

It's never comfortable wearing a seatbelt.

When you lose weight, boobs are the first to go.

All your clothes have to be tailored to fit them.