A study floating around the Internet as of late is claiming that buying a Birkin handbag is a better investment than gold, or even the stock market. The research study was conducted by Baghunter, an online marketplace for buying and selling high-end bags. Basically, they say that the annual return rate for a Hermés Birkin handbag has surpassed that of the S&P 500 as well as the value of gold for the past 35 years.

The study, which leans in Birkin handbag's favor, says that the value has steadily increased year after year with an average annaul increase of 14.2%.

A Birkin bag can be purchased for a steep price of $60,000, so it really is the Mecca of all handbags, probably..?

It's made from premium animal skins sewn together by French artisans in a very time consuming process. They are usually sold out most of the time. The low shortage keeps them high in demand.

But here's where this study is probably just plain BULL SHIT.

No one wants to buy an OUT OF STYLE handbag. Fashion trends change.

Sure, it could be valuable on the 2nd hand market, but trying to fetch a price astronomically higher than what you paid for might probably be not what you expect.

Unless you really really want one, because the wait list for a Birkin has been rumored to be up to six years.Which means, you've got to find a rich, desperate, person who doesn't even know how to get on that list, or who can't wait.

Sounds simple. Not the best kind of investment advice. Don't take it.