It's time for spring cleaning once more. If you don't do this often enough, you just might after reading this. Don't let the holidays be the only excuse you actually want to clean your home. There are things in there that are so dirty, you won't believe it!

Rinse your brush after every use and throw it away every 3 months.

Bath mats are constantly wet and are usually stored in a bathroom, dark and dirty.

Our TV remote can collect a lot of germs off of those hands of yours.

Hair, sweat, drool, it all collects into those pillows of yours.

Your sheets are collecting all of that pillow case overflow.

Rubbing something over and over on your face doesn’t keep an object clean. Replace makeup brushes every 3 months.

Your gym clothes are like one big pocket of sweat and dirt. When you stuff them into your gym bag.

Shoes. A rave party for germs. They're freaking filthy.

Yoga mats are potential homes for ring worm and staph infections along with mountains of bacteria.

Your headphones takes one hour to build up a significant amount of bacteria.

You should run vinegar through your coffee maker of choice about once per month.

Reusable water bottles (not to be confused with disposable water bottles) are hot spots for E. coli and other bacteria.

Sponges are full of holes and crevices that food gets nice a stuck in.

Every knob, door handle and switch in your kitchen is going to be covered in the same food prep crap you come in contact with.

How many times should you use your towels? You are scrubbing dead skin cells all over them. Change them after 3 washes.

Laundry baskets and bags share space with your dirty laundry.

Your keys are covered in bacteria from years of hand to hand contact.

Wood or plastic, all cutting boards are plagued with loads of bacteria.

80% of contact lenses in use these days are contaminated. Lenses need to be cleaned outside of the solution once per month and the cases need to be replaced frequently.

Cell phones, especially now with touch screens, are some of the dirtiest things you come in contact with.

Purses are the home of half of the items on this list.