The good thing about large food-chains is that it's always familiar, and the taste of it won't probably run that far off, or not at all! But if you ever find yourself in any one of these Starbucks in these countries, then you should order something off their special menu. You can't get these anywhere else!

Europe- Pancakes

Japan- Iced coffee with Summer Jelly

Philippines- Spam bagel

New Zealand- Christmas

India- Cheesecake

Taiwan-Curry chicken cannoli

South Korea- Avocado yogurt Frappucino

Brazil- Pão de queijo

China- Green tea everything

Japan- Pumpkin pie

Mexico- Yogurt Pineapple Coconut Frappucino


Indonesia- Peanut butter panini

Argentina- Meringue brownie

Hong Kong-Beef bolognese and egg pie

Hong Kong- Grilled pineapple and chicken Turkish bread

Philippine- Three mushroom and Emmental cheese on a vegan roll

Asia Pacific and Japan- Coffee jelly Frappucino

Canada- Maple macchiato