Attractive people seem to get a ton of benefits. They can also seem to get away with a lot according to many recent scientific studies. From finding a mate to a job and even get higher salaries, now it looks like they also get better grades in college.

According to new findings, bias toward beauty also affects how professors grade their students.

A new study by Metropolitan State University of Denver professors Rey Hernandez-Julian and Christina Peters found that attractive female students tend to get higher grades than less attractive ones.

The researchers used ID photos and grade data at MSU Denver to make the correlation.

They found the impact of students' appearance on their academic performance to be profound.

Data of 77,067 students from 2006 to 2011 were crunched to find that correlation.

The results showed that attractive women got better grades than those who were not.

When researchers looked at courses that were online only, the scores were evenly balanced.

Sounds very unfair, doesn't it?

Does looks really impact things so much?