One way or the other, your breasts are going to sag. Here are a couple of things you need to know, from the reality of things to how you can manage it. Check it out below:

1. You can't fight gravity

2. Cute bras exist. Buy them!

3. Swinging them like pendulums aren't particularly fun..

4. Perkiness will go one day.

5. They cover more surface area.

6. Keep your body young and fit by exercising.

7. You can strengthen your muscles in your chest with weight lifting. Toning the underlying muscles might help resist gravity.

8. Wear well-fitted sports bras when you exercise.

9. Don't smoke. It can cause stretching of the breast tissue.

10. Protect your girls from UV rays.

11. Maintain a stable weight - Fluctuation in weight can cause breast sagging, especially weight gain.