How does one become the most disliked person in a country? You'd have to commit crime and other kinds of despicable acts, we presume. But Sasha Chettri did neither of those. She's only 19, but she's better known as the Airtel 4G girl.

She's just become the most hated person in India because she became the poster child for a telecom company that is one of the most hated brands in the country.

Chettri dabbles in music and acting as well as modeling. She was offered a role in Airtel network's nationwide TV campaign in 2015.

She was in commercials as an Airtel-promoting character who frequently disrupted people's daily lives.

The ads were aired to a population of 1.2 billion people and within two months, she on TV for nearly 475 hours.

A recent study found Airtel to be the most despised brand in India, with Chettri’s character cited as the reason for that.

A little too much to hate an actress who's just starring in a commercial, no?