HIMYM's about Ted, one would argue, but it should really have been about Barney. This guy made the show and it was all about his quest for true love. The rest of the cast were just supporting actors. Here's why the show should have really been all about him.

He admitted that even one single day without conversing with Robin just plain sucks.

He changed the whole gang’s perspective on falling in love.

He *fake* professed his love for Robin to help her break up with Nick, but everyone knew that he was speaking from his heart.

Barney failed to contain his smile right after he FINALLY married the woman he loved.

Robin couldn’t go to Canada, so Barney brought Canada to her.

Every single time Barney fought for Marshall and Lily’s relationship.

And when Barney went to San Francisco and asked Lily to come back home to Marshall.

When Barney decorated his brother’s room because James and his husband showed him how to believe in love.

And after finding out that James and Tom were getting a divorce, he didn’t care because he found something else to believe in now.

Barney finally realised that he was still in love with Robin, and decide that he’d do anything to win her back.

And for all his plays and schemes, the one thing that he wanted was one simple word from Robin.

Barney, although misguided, tried to learn everything about Robin from Ted, just so he wouldn’t lose her.

Robin couldn’t believe that Barney cut her out of this life so easily, only to find out that Barney never did.

Barney almost died, and the one thing that flashed before his eyes was Robin.

Barney’s heart broke into a million pieces when Robin decided to stay with Kevin.

And when he had to clean up the romantic night he had planned, because he thought Robin and him would get back together.

Barney gave up his “Super Date” to Robin so she could have her’s with Don.

And when Barney finally met the girl he would love for the rest of his life.

To the most romantic guy on HIMYM ever.