The weather is getting warmer and you're all sweaty underneath there. Could this have been prevented by losing your bra for the day? Here are some 15 reasons to ditch it. Try it first. It could be great! Check it out:

1. Feeling free and liberated is awesome.

2. You're basically an awesome feminist right now.

3. It's hard to run without one but you don't need to run!

4. You should do this every time it's hot!

5. This is probably why nipple tape exists.

6. People are going to stare, but who cares.

7. This is what feeling confident feels like!

8. No underwire. Hooray!

9. Sagging isn't going to start with one day, don't worry.

10. Because it'll just happen in your lifetime anyway.

11. Hugging feels weird without one, so don't do it?

12. The girls are moving about in there. It's great!

13. You have one less bra to wash the next day.

14. And it's actually pretty comfortable.

15. And one less article of clothing to remove when you get home.