Instagram user adollworldafterall has taken it upon itself to relive 2015's best moments, but by using dolls. It's perfect! And it's incredibly creative. Check it out below:


2. Here's Amy Schumer's epic fall in front of Kimye:

3. Rey and BB-8:

4. The Miss Universe fiasco:

5. What's good with Miley?

6. Justin Bieber's big reveal:

7. Madonna..falling:

8. Kim Kardashian's champagne butt that broke the Internet:

9. Orange is the New Black:

10. Drake's Hotline Bling:

11. Cersei's "Walk of Shame" in Game of Thrones:

12. Supergirl:

13. Ariana Grande licking that donut:

14. Shia Labeouf:

15. Nicki Minaj getting stuck in between two buns:

16. That full frontal from Kim Kardashian:

17. And that butt:

18. Sia, singing her heart out: