No matter the size of your kitchen, you're always going to be finding yourself in need of some extra space. So here are some pretty nifty ideas on how you can add some extra storage. You'll love these! Check it out:

1. Store bulk purchases in vintage wire shopping baskets.

2. Maximize your under-sink storage space with a shoe organizer.

3. Wicker baskets.

4. Use a wall-mounted sink caddy.

5. Mount your dish rack, too.

6. Upgrade to a full-on grid system so you can add on more storage in seconds.

7. Turn a small bookshelf into a storage solution on wheels.

8. For easy-to-reach storage, place a tension rod over the stove to hang pots and pans.

9. Hang other tools on the bare side of a cabinet to free up your drawers.

10. Double your cabinet capacity by adding pullout shelves.

11. Extra cabinet shelves for upper cabinets.

12. For a quick storage fix, stick some adhesive command hooks on the wall and hang bulkier items.

13. Screw hooks underneath a shelf to hang cooking basics.

14. Get an over-the-sink shelf to double-up on counter space.

15. Get a magnetic spice rack to keep clutter out of your cabinets.

16. Use EVERY BIT of wall space for shelving.

17. Ditch your old trash can and get a cute one that you don’t mind having out.