Done all your Christmas shopping just yet? Now that you're all grown up, it's highly likely you're not so much on the receiving end of presents anymore. At least, not as many as when you were a kid. Here are some old school presents that you're probably not going to miss.

1. This was an awesome toy, but it won't be missed.

2. The first ever generation iPad.

3. This is how alarm clocks should look like, if you're 10.

4. Surely your makeup kit is more complicated than this now.

5. The problem with blow-up furniture? It takes too much air!

6. Why on earth would you want this was a mystery when you were young.

7. These markers. Awesome back then. Now, not so much.

8. Books. Back then, people read a lot of them.

9. Whatever these were. Doesn't look safe, now that you're an adult with some sense of safety.

10. Rainbow koosh. The most useless toy on planet Earth. You wanted it back then, for god knows what reason.

11. This old school MP3 player. Before iPods took over the world.

12. Tamagotchi. You loved this. Now, you've got a real kid to take care of.

13. Lasers. Oh yeah!

14. These skates. That are so ugly...

15. Multi-colored pens. So many options. So practical.

16. Why don't kids have games like these anymore?

17. Your own kitchen. Now you have a real one. Or rather get a new (and real) one,.

18. So awesome. But what a waste of time. The real deal is better.

19. This transparent phone. I mean. All the rage, right?

20. Glow in the dark stars. Now you just want your wall to be filled with real art.

21. These Beanie Babies. They might be worth thousands someday, but until then, it's just going to collect years of dust. YEARS. Of. Dust., all them kids (and adults) want presents like iPads, iPhones, smartwatches, tablets, Xboxes, PlayStations, and stuff that will most likely burn a hole in your wallet.