Are you the type that's bad at expressing feelings? Do you not show any emotion most of the time? It's not that you don't have any. You're not a stone, that's for sure. You're just really bad at expressing them. No big deal, right?

1. You rarely say these three little words

2. …and it’s a chore for you to respond to them.

3. Crying is never something you've done.

4. Not even for a movie.

5. …and most sappy genres like romantic comedies are too cheesy for your liking.

6. Whether it’s a graduation, funeral, or a wedding, you seldom cry at events other people cry at.

7. PDA is uncomfortable.

8. Hugging is uncomfortable.

9. …and cuddling is uncomfortable.

10. When other people feel proud or happy on your behalf it makes you super uncomfortable

11. It’s not nearly as bad as having to comfort someone yourself.

12. On the very few occasions when you are moved, you don’t know what to do with yourself.

13. You try not to let it show. Because..weird..?

14. You get super uncomfortable when people try to “talk” feelings with you.

15. You usually handle those situations with awkward laughter…

16. Romantic relationships are hard for you.

17. You have feelings but you just don't know how to show them.