All brides want their wedding day to be the best and most memorable day of their lives. From day one, we want to plan every single detail and sometimes, we dedicate months to the goal of having an unforgettable wedding. Most of us went to at least several wedding celebrations and often, it was hard to distinguish one from another.

That’s the reason why couples nowadays feel the need to have a romantic, luxurious but unique wedding as well - an event that will surely be remembered by their guests for years. Here are several ideas on how to make this happen.

Personalized invitations

After setting a date and booking a perfect venue, sending invitations is the next big step in organizing a wedding. Many designers offer wedding invitation templates which you can customize and add your own text. However, if possible, work closely with a designer (or design your own card, if you’re talented). Whichever you decide for - let the card reflect your style, personality and let it reveal intimate about you as a couple.

Decorating a lounge area

Your wedding venue should have a reception and a lounge where guests can relax, rest and get away from the dancing crowd. Create a comfortable space near the reception, fill it with cozy furniture and decorate with stylish pillows, flowers and curtains. If the venue allows it, convert one room into a dressing chamber for the ladies and adorn it with scented candles, potpourri, and cosmetic product your guests might need.

Making your guests feel truly welcome

When your guests arrive at the ceremony, they will expect fancy table decorations and maybe a small, symbolic gift. If you want to make your guests feel really special, you can express your gratitude for their attendance by giving them a present that goes beyond the expected. If you have time and energy, let your gifts be unique and personalized - avoid giving the same gift to all guests and make some effort to leave them one hand-written “Welcome” message.

Having a costumed, themed wedding

Although a fair share of couples won’t get married on Halloween, there’s no reason not to organize a costume celebration or at least a wedding with a unique theme (if wearing costumes is a little too much for you). If you want a truly offbeat wedding, this can be an amazing idea. You can prepare invitations, decorations and music that will match your theme: costumes are just a cherry on top. Be aware that guests will probably ask for your assistance in giving them costume ideas.

A first dance to remember

Before tying a knot, most grooms (and brides) take a few dance lessons to prepare themselves for the first dance as a married couple. However, instead of classic first dance songs, opt for something entirely different. You can spice up things with tango or swing. Or, if you want to go one step further, you can include your guests in the dance as well! Websites such as YouTube are full of crazy and unique wedding choreographies that went viral instantly!