How are we going to eat, and what are we going to eat next year? Don't know? Don't worry. Pinterest knows. Here are some of the food trends they think will definitely happen in 2016. Check it out:

1. Jelly salad

Here's a recipe.

2. Your kitchen will be a brewery

3. You'll make your own booze.

Hmm..okay let's pass on this.

4. Avodado oil is the new olive oil

5. French toast will get savory.

Get the recipe for Parmesan French toast here.

6. Healthy lunches in cute packaging will be more prevalent

It's already happening!

7. You'll be home-brewing your own coffee.

Okay, makes sense.

8. You won't be eating much carbs, but more veggies for calories.

Sounds acceptable. Eat your veggies, kids!

9. Beer and cocktails will make love to each other

Somehow, I feel this is fad-ish and won't become a trend.

10. DIY infused olive oils

There's a tutorial on how you can do it yourself here.

11. We'll grow our own veggies.

Sounds like a cool hobby too. Regrow food from leftover scraps? I'm in.

12. Save unused herbs in olive oil

Sounds like a good idea. Them herbs are expensive.

13. We'll be using fewer ingredients

The focus is on quality.

14. Fruit-flavored water will be trendy

It's delicious, and probably cheaper than cold pressed juice.

15. Fermented food will still be trendy

Kim chee anyone? It's got tons of probiotics and digestion-friendly bacteria.

16. Dairy free or gluten-free

Want to eat pasta with no dairy? Sounds like a good plan!