Wear a bra? Then you're probably familiar with every single picture listed below in the gallery here. From the hassle of figuring out which type to put on to underwires trying to murder you, here are some pictures only those wearing them will understand.

1. Tangles. All the time.

2. Guess what tried to kill you today?

3. The pain is real.

4. Bra food.

5. And when you can't find the right bra for the outfit.

6. Strapless bras are rough and tough.

7. Straps are not your friends.

8. Clear straps are not your friends.

9. Always readjusting your boob.

10. This beautiful hack.

11. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

12. This happening: all the time.

13. When it's darn hot out.

14. Returning home and finally removing it!