So you've decided to go one day without your bra. Will this be the best day of your life? Or will you regret it? Here are some 16 real thoughts you might have if you ever so decide to go braless.

1. This is the best decision ever.

2. I feel free and liberated.

3. Freeboobing might be the best feeling ever.

4. I’m basically being an awesome feminist right now.

5. I pity the other woman who's wearing a bra now.

6. Although, I'm not sure if this was the right decision to go to work braless.

7. Running sucks. Really. I repeat. Running sucks.

8. There's just so much movement in there!

9. It’s really hard trying to to run without moving you upper body.

10. It's cold.

11. I’ll just keep my arms folded over my chest like this.

12. Whatever, everyone has nipples.


14. This is actually pretty comfortable.

15. No underwire.

16. Whatever, saggy boobs aren’t the end of the world.