Do you prefer to workout in the day or in the evening? If you've got a busy schedule like most people and don't like to get out of bed at 4am, then night it is! Here's why people who exercise at night are doing it right!

1. First of all, morning exercise is great. Let's not forget that!

2. But going to bed after a workout is the best feeling!

3. And most times, waking up early isn't the surest way you'll work out.

4. You're also useless before 10am so stick to the night routine!

5. Night workouts let you de-stress after a hard day's work.

6. You get to imagine punching your boss's face in at the gym. And then get a body like this:

7. Sleep after that will be sound.

8. Got frustrations and anxieties build up all day? Night workouts are your answer.

9. Being sweaty and gross in the night is better than in the morning.

10. That means you don't have to get ready for work when you're done working out!

11. And that means you don't eat as much as you do after a workout if you do so in the morning.

12. Because you're going to have dinner anyway.

13. You make healthy and positive lifestyle decisions by going to the gym at night.

14. You don't have to rush. Just take your time at night.

15. You can use it as an excuse to blow-off an afterwork commitment.

16. Because being exhausted at night is better than being exhausted in the day.

17. Then, there's the shower after a workout.

18. Working out at night is the best.

19. Try it out.