People love food, and more so than that, they love choice. But the biggest thing they love: NEW. And so these are the food trends that happened in 2015. Some of them, rather bizarre. Check it out below:

While all the chips in the Doritos ‘Roulette’ bag look the same, ONE boasts an eye-watering punch of spice. That one chip is so spicy, it’s been banned in schools.

Burger King turned everyone’s poop green by introducing the Black Burger. It was just a side effect of whatever they used to dye the bread black.

McDonald’s ‘Modern China Burger’ is now available in Chinese restaurants. It has a gray bun.

KFC decided buns were overrated and came out with the ‘Double Down Dog.’ It’s a hot dog wrapped in fried chicken.

Taco Bell made their nachos virtually unsharable by offering a smashed sandwich version of them.

Pizza Hut came out with the ‘Hot Dog Bites,’ which essentially crammed hot dogs into a pizza crust.

Peeps became something you could swallow without chewing. And also something to give you early-onset diabetes.

Dum Dum suckers gave us Pizza, Bacon, and Buttered Popcorn flavored lollipops.

Pizza Hut also channeled their inner UPS delivery and started delivering food in triple-stacked boxes.

Pumpkin Spice Latte flavor claimed another victim in M&M’s.

Chocolate sandwich slices are now a a very real thing.

McDonald’s answered everyone’s prayers with the rollout of an all-day breakfast menu.

Red Velvet Oreos beg the question “has science gone too far?”

Chicken Fries became a permanent fixture on the BK menu.

Tired of only being able to DRINK your pink lemonade? Kellogg’s has you covered with their pink lemonade flavored Pop-tart.

Pringles decided it would be a wise idea to bring back their dessert-flavored chips. Because who doesn’t crave a ‘Salted Caramel’ chip?

Heinz saved everyone the trouble of mixing Sriracha in our ketchup. The new condiment is “infused with spicy chili pepper and garlic flavors.”

At the end of a flavor suggestion contest, Lays turned Biscuits And Gravy into a finger food.