There's a new trend almost every other week sometimes, but here are the ones that caught on like wild fire, and they're also the ones that don't seem very good to begin with. Here are some of the worst trends we saw this year.

1. Kylie Jenner Challenge: Women would place their lips into a shot-glass and suck to get her lips, with a disastrous result.

2. Man-buns.

3. Don't Judge Me: For vain people who adore attention. It started out as an effort to end body shaming when beauty blogger Em Ford removed her makeup, but it backfired when "beautiful" people adopted it and started drawing on unibrows and spots to make themselves look uglier.

4. Fad diets: The Bulletproof Diet involves consuming healthy fat as 60% of your diet, 20% for meat, and 20% vegetables. One staple is to include a mug of coffee loaded with 2 tablespoons of grass-fed butter and MCT oil. The diet did not include exercise and there's no scientific evidence to back the claim.

5. Menism: A number of guys took to social media with the hashtag #meninist to mock feminists double standards by revealing all the things that men have to deal with in society.

6. Selfie sticks: nuff said!

7. Condom challenge: Fill a condom with water, drop it over your head. Then laugh. And prove to the world that no matter how big you think you are, you can always fit one.

8. Hoverboards: No, this isn't really a hoverboard.

9. Sam Pepper: His prank in 2014 where he pretended to kill his best mate in ISIS style offended nearly everyone.