Is there anything better than discovering beauty tips and tricks you weren’t aware existed? There are thousands of beauty tips and tricks out there that are used by beauty enthusiasts each day to get a flawless look. Want to know some of the best ones? Read on…

Use a White Liner to Make Eyeshadow Pop

If you want to make your eyeshadow look seriously vibrant, then make sure you use a white liner on your lids first. Spread it all over the lid before applying your shadow and it’ll be so much more noticeable. You’ll definitely get compliments. This is a beauty secret loved by pros everywhere!

Use the Same White Liner to Get Bigger Eyes

You can also use the same white liner to make your eyes look bigger. Use it on the waterline to open up your eyes and get ‘Bambi’ style peepers. It’s also a nice nod to the 60s!

Always Wet Your Beauty Tools

Did you know that wetting your beauty tools can make them so much more effective? With most beauty sponges and blenders, wetting them helps them to set your makeup much nicer and make them look natural. Wetting your eyeshadow brushes can make shadows pop so much more too. If you’re going for a dramatic look for a night out, then you must try damp tools. A place like Review parlor can give you an idea of the best tools to use. 


Use a Beauty Oil to Give Skin a Sexy Sheen on Special Occasions

If it’s a special occasion, invest in a beauty oil to enhance your legs, arms, and shoulders. There are lots of different oils you can use, and many of them will nourish your body too.

Always Have Coconut Oil in the Cupboard

Coconut oil is a true must have for any beauty enthusiast. It can be used for so many different things! It’s a healthy alternative to cooking oils, so eating it makes you more beautiful too. Use it on your hair as a conditioner, or leave it on all night as a mask. Smooth it on your nails to moisturise them, and use it on your body as a moisturiser. Some people even put it on their face for an intense moisture hit.

Use Vaseline for Fuller Lashes and Brows

Apply Vaseline to your lashes and brows for a few consecutive weeks and you’ll notice a big difference. Your lashes will seem longer and fuller, as the vaseline stops them from falling out so much and encourages growth. Your brows will fill in too, perfect for those who need more shape to work with or are sick of sparse brows.

Use Something More Nourishing on the Lips

Instead of using a standard moisturizer on the lips, use something more nourishing. Vaseline and similar products online add moisture to the lips, but they don’t help to add nutrients or plump them up. A treatment like this can be pricy, but it’s worth it for plump, young looking lips.

Invest in a Good Serum

A good serum should be the holy grail in your beauty cupboard. If you invest in anything, make sure it’s this. Use it twice a day and you’ll see a big improvement in your skin. You only need a few drops too!

Which is your favorite tip?