Are our zodiac signs accurate representations of our personality? Whether you believe it or not, most of us only want to read the good parts of it. Here's checking out your sexiest quality according to your sign:

1. Aries are strong and assertive. They know what they want and they know how to get it. Independence never looked sexier.

2. Taurus women are very sensual and romantic. They tend to pamper their partners in the bedroom and are willing to try wild, new things.

3. Gemini love to play hard to get. They are usually fun-loving and ready to explore sexually. Gemini women enjoy bonding with their partner and teasing them until they can bear it no more.

4. Cancers draw others in with their warm, nurturing nature. While known for being moody in their relationships, they make passionate sexual partners and can be quite erotic.

5. Leo’s are bursting at the seams with confidence. They take charge and others take notice. Leo’s are dominant and never passive. They make the first moves and are the ones to turn up the temperature.

6. Beware of the Virgo’s charm and crazy sex drive. They are ready for new adventures in bed but this does not mean you should be pushy with them. Virgo’s decide for themselves where they are going and with who.

7. Libra is said to be the most desirable sign. They ooze charm, beauty and kindness. Libra’s are the girl’s in the movies that you often see running in slow motion when they look at you for the first time.

8. Scorpio’s are considered to be the most mysterious and sexiest out of all the other zodiac signs. They enjoy pleasure and are both bold and passionate.

9. Sagittarius women are skilled partners in the bedroom and always make sure that their lovers have an excellent time in bed. The best part? They are always willing to try new things.

10. This sign exudes sex appeal. Capricorn women are submissive in relationships but in a sexy, passionate way. They also have a quick wit and hilarious sense of humor. They have enough jokes to make other people drunk on them.

11. Aquarius women are incredibly thoughtful and sweet. They are known for pushing the right button at the right time. Aquarius’ often crave sex and long to be satisfied in the bedroom.

12. If you plan to seduce a Pisces woman, make sure that you show respect from the get go. Pisces think of sex as a precious, personal act not to be messed with. Sex and emotion are in the same category for Pisces.