No two boobs are made equal. There's always going to be one larger than the other, and the only time this is ever proportionate is if they are fake. Here are some of the struggles you'll know of having two different size boobs.

1. You try to perk up the smaller boob up a lot.

2. The larger boob always takes over the world.

3. Sometimes, one of your 'girls' is so larger than the other, she's noticeable.

4. You get people staring sometimes.

5. You wish there was a bra with an extra push-up in just one side.

6. One larger breasts means one heavier breasts.

7. And that means, one side shoulder pain.

8. Tight clothes draw attention to that fact.

9. Printed tees too.

10. Boob jiggle is not equal jiggles.

11. Loose tops make the jiggles look weird.

12. The smaller boob's bra has some space in it.

13. Wearing tank tops are going to be hard because the larger boob is going to win.

14. Uneven goodies. It's a fact.

15. The larger one might be your S.O. 'favorite one.'

16. You've tried sleeping on it to make it even with the other side.

17. Contouring them takes too much effort.

18. The inevitable sag is going to make it look even more different.

19. But so what? Have fun with them! They're yours and they're lovely!