Have no choice but to eat delivery food on a work night? Don't want it to suck like how the rest of your day did? Don't wory. Just put on some Taylor Swift. It will apparently make everything taste better. At least, that's what a study coming from Oxford University is saying.

The new research from the professor found that listening to Bruce Springsteen while eating Indian food makes food taste spicier.

And listening to classical music makes Italian food taste better.

Then listening to Taylor Swift makes eating Chinese takeout lovelier!

According to the Telegraph:

His latest gastrophysics study involved 700 volunteers who ordered takeaways and listened to songs from six genres.

Participants were asked to rate the dishes on a scale of one to ten.

Prof Spence, who runs the University of Oxford’s Crossmodal Research Laboratory, found while some foods appeared to have an obvious musical accompaniment, such as Pavarotti’s Nessun Dorma with pasta dishes, others proved more of a surprise, such as the connection between chilli and rock’n’roll.

“Nobody has looked at spiciness and music before,” he told The Times.

“We found that if there is music that is more alerting, more arousing, then people appreciate spicier food more.”

Volunteers reported that food tasted four per cent spicier when listening to rock tracks than when listening to the jazz of Nina Simone.

The likes of Simone and Frank Sinatra, are, however, said to be good with sushi.

Hip-hop and RnB were found to have no effect on the enjoyment of different tastes.

In other words, hip hop and R&B are songs that have no effect on taste buds. So don't listen to it!